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CocoLoco Cardano Gold
Gold Palm
Gold Sunglasses
Cardano Logo
Distribution: 10
0.2% Ultra Scarce
CocoLoco Cardano Gold
CocoLoco Cardano
Bubble Gum
Gold Cardano Logo
Distribution: 25
0.5% Scarce
CocoLoco Cardano Gold
CocoLoco Gold Vibes
Gold Palm
Gold Sunglasses
Gold Coconuts
Gold Chain
Distribution: 51
1% Insanely Rare
CocoLoco Cardano Gold
CocoLoco Gold Palm & Chain
Gold Palm
Gold Chain
Distribution: 78
1.5% Ultra Rare
CocoLoco Cardano Gold
CocoLoco Gold Sunglasses
Gold Sunglasses
Distribution: 122
2.5% “WOW” Rare
CocoLoco Cardano Gold
CocoLoco Gold Coconuts
Gold Coconuts
Distribution: 400
8% Impressive Rare
CocoLoco Cardano Gold
CocoLoco Sunglasses
Distribution: 500
10% Nice grab
CocoLoco Cardano Gold
CocoLoco Silver Palm
Silver Hair
Distribution: 800
16% Good to have
CocoLoco Cardano Gold
CocoLoco Blue Palm
Blue Palm
Distribution: 1049
20% Stack em’ & chill
CocoLoco Cardano Gold
CocoLoco Green Palm
Green Palm
Distribution: 2000
40% It’s family.png
CocoLoco Cardano Gold

Coolest Scarcities

on Cardano

There are 10 collections within this CocoLoco series. As you see above, the rarest collection offers you a .2% rarity, which is extremely unique. The least unique collection has 40% uniqueness; ...not so unique, but still valuable to have; it is a limited series after all!

Austronaut CocoLoco

About the most

Rare Collections

Beyond even the most rare collection are the MOST RARE CocoLoco NFTs that come with .2% RARITY. There are 10 NFTs that contain all gold traits and a gold ADA logo in background. Find any one of these and you will have one of the most rare CocoLocos.

Key Features

of CocoLocos

CocoLoco NFTs are minted and live on the Cardano blockchain. So if you are a ADA holder, you might appreciate holding the most chill and some of the most rare NFTs in the Cardano ecosystem
CocoLocos are unique in that they have been programmable and developed based on 100`s of millions of different variations. So essentially, each one is actually pretty rare. And when you throw in the special rare features (such as gold sunglasses), things get very rare very quick.
Each CocoLoco series is limited. That means, once a series is launched, there will be no more of that series produced. Each series comes with a scarcity factor, but stay palm, if you miss a series launch, keep your eyes open for future series.
Keep Palm
Crypto is can be a hectic place to be. The world of CocoLoco was created to be an escape from that. So enjoy collecting and building with us within the CocoLoco ecosystem.
The most rare CocoLoco has a .2% rarity! The second most rare is .5%! Do you get the point? These truly are collectibles in the sense that they are one of a kind.
The CocoLoco world is a brand new world. This means that it is just getting started. As we grow this ecosystem and our collections, you can grow with us, on the Cardano blockchain. There is no telling what kind of use CocoLoco NFTs will have in the future!

Meet our Team


CocoLoco team member
CocoLoco Dan
CocoLoco team member
CocoLoco Sarah
CocoLoco team member
CocoLoco Adam
Head of Business Development

Frequently Asked


What is a CocoLoco?

CocoLoco characters are inspired by palm trees. They are resilient, strong, awesome looking, and chill - kind of like Cardano and its community. All CocoLoco NFTs are minted on Cardano blockchain and each is unique.

Which wallet should I use?

ONLY use a Cardano wallet such as Daedalus, Yoroi, or AdaLite! DO NOT use an exchange wallet to purchase a CocoLoco. If you use an exchange wallet like Coinbase or Binance, you will NOT receive the NFT because those wallets are not supported.

When are CocoLoco NFTs minted?

Each CocoLoco is minted on Cardano blockchain when a user like yourself sends ADA to purchase a CocoLoco. The NFT is minted and then sent to the receiving address of the wallet you used to buy the NFT.

How many CocoLocos are there?

There is an initial collection of 5,035 CocoLoco NFTs. Each token is programmatically generated and there are 100’s of millions of possibilities when each NFT is created. The CocoLoco universe is vast, so you will meet more of the world and its ecosystem in future collections.

Where can I buy?

We are only selling our NFTs on Do not send ADA to anyone on Twitter or any other platform.

What is the price?

Each CocoLoco is 50 ADA

Where can I view my NFTs after buying?

You can go to and type in your receiving Cardano address of the wallet you sent your ADA from to purchase your CocoLoco

What is CocoLoco Policy ID?

Policy ID: a706fc87764cde4ac018c38bf61630c1065932db49e6f495be3b29f8 Expires 2/23/2022

How rare are CocoLoco NFTs?

There are levels of rarity in the CocoLoco ecosystem. For example, our most rare are the all gold with ADA logo CocoLoco. There are only 10…out of 5,035! That is .2% scarce. You can view our homepage at for listings of distribution and rarity.

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